We are open 4pm til 9pm Wed - Sun for click and collect or outdoor dining!


Wholly Cow Burgers is a family business focusing on the use of locally sourced, sustainable Irish ingredients, cooked with care & passion with an ethos of minimal environmental impact. We have taken the quintessential hamburger made it wholly Irish, healthy & delicious using wholly Irish ingredients

Our mission is simple. To offer you a taste of what surrounds you by using only sustainable, seasonal, local ingredients to make really great burgers. The entire menu is Irish with the meat, bread and potatoes all sourced within county Galway. The signature flavour combinations stem from a range of Irish cheeses and fresh, local, seasonable vegetables. Everything is made on the premises, right down to the relishes and pickles.

We made a conscious decision when opening that an ethos of minimal waste and maximum recycling would be to the forefront of the way we run the business. To this end, all table wear is 100% compostable:

Food is served on a reusable wooden trays which are lined with a compostable sheet...
Wooden cutlery is used instead of plastic...
All take away burgers are sold in Bagesse compostable boxes...

    The restaurant runs on a zero food waste policy. With daily deliveries of ingredients, food remains fresh and there is no spoiling while the menu is limited in size to reflect our green ethos. All food is cooked fresh to order which is unusual for a restaurant our size.

    We use exclusively Irish suppliers, aiming to have at least 80% of the food supplied from within a 2km radius of the business to keep the carbon footprint low.

    All consumables within the restaurant have been considered for their environmental impact and the company always chooses to use recyclable and compostable materials.